Monday, November 7, 2011

Nereida Records @ L'Alternativa Closing Ceremony

flyer: Suicide Club Barcelona

NEREIDA RECORDS & PRODUCTIONS is invited to the Closing ceremony of the 18th Independent Cinema Festival of Barcelona , L’ ALTERNATIVA, which will take place in the CCCB Hall on Saturday 19th of November

For this special occasion and along with the label owner, CAT GABAL (Dj set), we are proud to present COMPUTAH! , who recently contributed to our latest MP3/FLAC compilation release (out on the 15th of November 2011)

On live, Compütah! brings dense electronic atmospheres where IDM and electro fuses in a characteristic sound, clearly influenced by Rephlex, Warp, Planet μ or Merck, where pads evolve in an obscure and asphyxiating way, along with enchanting melodies and broken bases.
Now London resident, Compütah! comes back to BCN for a very special Live set, a little different from what we are used to hear from him, don’t miss it!

+ CC Convent Sant Agustí /Xarlene visuals

Free entrance

More info on the event :-

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