Friday, April 17, 2015

18/04/15 - Cat Gabal b2b Zeda @ CLUB FUM

Dj sessions (vinyl only) 
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+++  Cat Gabal b2b Zeda
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Club privado a c/ Meridiana (L1 Marina) 
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nereida Prod Dj [at] Norberg Festival (Sweden)

Here is the first part of the B2B Cat Gabal/Zeda at the Norberg Festival_2014 edition (303 stage)

 The second part of the set can be found on Mixcloud :-

&finally below is a short video (extracts courtesy of our friend Robert Clouth who travelled  with us from BCN).

Quite unusually it was extremely hot in Norberg/Sweden last year: past 18h on that Saturday pm it was still around 40degrees on the 303 outdoor stage!
You can see on the video that only a few brave people [-the Norberg party hard crew-] came onto the Dance floor despite the unbearable heat - while most of the people recovering from the previous day/nights were still chilling by the lac next to the festival venue or sitting under the shade a few meters away from the 303 stage, 

We were told during the night by a few people that the session was eclectic and inspiring enough to enjoy from any spot though. Most specifically someone who did not really care who we were actually said some of the nicest and most authentic unsolicited words that we could remember from all these years playing out there in front of a reduced audience (the price to pay when one's go "underground" haha). We don't generally share feedbacks as such on this blog or elsewhere, but we think this is a also a  small tribute to the festival and its audience: "Don't think that your session was for nothing, we were close enough you know, i want to tell you that it did matter to us, it reached us wholly and for us, it was one of the most interesting session of the festival this year." 
Sweet the Swedes eh? ;)

In summary Norberg Festival is without hesitation a great festival to recommend. 
Just the fact that every year there are more than 200 artists/students volunteering to work there for free speaks for itself no? 
Naturally we could not help thinking of a smaller and experimental version of the Fusion festival where there is little money, no security men, no pressure, no hipsters, no big names and where art and nature are embedded to the point of including the entire miner venue in the headlines of the line up. Also where camping/tents are almost an extension of the music stages & where the audience can merge with the festival staff to become one sole element.
That, and maybe also the vegetarian food prepared by Lucas Percario, whom we met there unexpectedly! :D

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cat Gabal @Macarena Club - 07/04/2015

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Cat Gabal Dj session "Le Chat Botte" (Vinyl only)

Dj session - Vinyl only
Tracklist :-
Rude 66 (featuring Beta Evers) - Under Cover Of The Night (Enfant Terrible)
CCO Music for Cosmonauts - Pt.1 (Lux Rec)
Unit Black Flight - Shortwave Radio Antenna Down (Giallo Disco)
Dollkraut - Intro “Too Much For One Guy” (The Gym)
KZA - Want No Other (Endless Flight)
David Vunk - Vroesenpark (Moustache Records)
Unknown Edit Axel Boman - Bayaya (African Shakedown)
Khidja - Mustafa, Timothy J Fairplay remix (Especial Records)
Noema - Silence (The Magic Movement)
Rhythm Invention - Methomania (Warp Records)
Hesperius Draco aka Alessandro Parisi - Canon 8 (Frigio Records)
Motorheidi - Sulfat (Discontinu)
Victrola - Maritime Tatami (Dark Entries Records)