Friday, July 27, 2012

Nereida Prod at O'Tannenbaum, Berlin - 16/08

flyer: Suicide Club Barcelona
                             ***********at O'Tannenbaum, Sonnenallee 27, Berlin, from  22:00*********

Nereida Records & Productions is heading to the O'Tannenbaum Berlin on the 16th of August for a special cosmic night.
The record label and art & music event producer was born in Spain in 2011 and has now started to become a little more active in other European cities.
In general the label is non-driven by the music industry or assimilated to one single style and naturally has a predilection for the musicians evolving in a multidisciplinary environment. All its components live in a world surrounded by myt...hological birds and mysterious sea beauties, where we are invited to embark an eventful kaleidoscope, in a rapid succession of impression, sensations and activities. These animals also navigate in dark waters and swamps though, we know that.
We can expect a little bit of everything from this crew - proper mood swings guaranteed - the Sci-Fi Pop/Animation Films/ Experimental tunes sometimes coming straight out from occult societies; but also some tonic fun, lighful & cheerful music, oh yeah. A night in all fluidity, swinging from sophisticated beats to more strange electronic pop sounds and between a few short concentrated imaginative tracks, we'll get the chance to review our classics and get back to a time where everything might have had more substance and depths.
Nereida Prod founder Cat Gabal based in Barcelona will put on her little cosmonaut suit for this special night and will be accompanied by the Berlin based boys Quesako and Oberst Panizza from the Velvet Condom band.
The sun, as a driving force, plays a fundamental role in the system of worship, veneration, and celebration of all kind - like a little estrella on a O'Tannenbaum.

with :-
Cat Gabal (IDM/Electropop/Synth Pop), Barcelona
Oberst Panizza (Wave/ Synth/Velvet Condom), Berlin
Quesako (Psychedelic/Cosmic/Creepy House), Berlin

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