Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Release [NER004 - Digital] Oberst Panizza - Don't Pretend You Have Fun

IT'S OUT !!!
Release [NER004 - Digital]  OBERST PANIZZA - Don't Pretend You Have Fun
+ Bonus track Caudorella Special " I'm An Ancient Astronaut" (sicknife remix)


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In his E.P Don’t Pretend you have fun Oberst Panizza pursued a deliberate artificiality drawing on repetitive rhythms with catchy melodies and synthetic textures.

Beyond the robotic rigidity of some older band like Kraftwerk, or without developed lyrics of wonderful track like “Top Model”, his synthesized melodies and simplified lyrics fits however well in the lineage of the pioneers in this genre, and he too succeeds to the difficult task of delivering genuine catchy electronic pop tunes.

In our simulated systems the model behaviour changes and develops itself through the manipulation of brief sounds articulated. The real natural system cannot be easily engaged, but with his synthesiser keyboards Oberst Panizza manages to create a classical style of harmony to bring depths and soul in the synthetic environment in which the model is evolving; this is especially felt in the last E.P track “Lights”.

Oberst Panizza, is also the keyboard player of the internationally known band Velvet Condom based in Berlin and largely influenced by the German Krautrock and New Wave scene.

The release NER004 also contains sicknife remix of the track “I’m An Ancient Astronaut” included in the digital reference as a Bonus track- a special Caudorella. Sicknife will be presenting his collaboration work and new live set during Caudorella 2013, on the Friday 22 March in Freedonia.

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