Monday, April 21, 2014

[NER007] Iris Aneas 'Akasha' EP - (English review)

1. Only One
2. Unicornia del Mar
3. Akasha

REVIEW (English)

Iris Aneas, with a style that encompasses a strong lyrical and melodic/harmonic bent, gives us in these 3 tracks that form her latest EP ‘Akasha’ on Nereida Records, the ability to see large areas of her emotions panel at the same time. Her vocals often are verbalized emotions that include many of the same stories, repeated in similar sequence and in similar wording. By using voices effects/samples enabling, she manages to create subtle contrasts, and soon we see the principal and “Only One” element powerfully emerging from within these components of various shades of colour. The Repetition enables and stabilizes; whilst the non-linear aspects of the music carry us on several contiguous plans in harmony, facilitating the access to the beyond, to our most human side - or as Iris says to our whole being - admiring how the various melodic layers unfold, interact with each other, and participate within the composite textural fabric. 

Akasha is a transfer of idea that comprises a mixture of languages, rhythms and styles, also contributing to destroy the ethnic & social barriers. With the tracks “Unicornio del Mar” and “Akasha”, we enter in a sort of conceptual eternal music; like the mythic animal leaving earth to bath in a world of purity not quite tangible, it slips, shades away, declines itself on other times, accords and tones, as if elsewhere our souls wandered, let themselves be carried by the universal breath, but not too far from their base, remaining close to the human heart, where they can meet and merge in an infinite point. 

In Iris Aneas’s music, it always feels we are living on two axes, two time systems: the cyclic reassuringly stable and a system more linear presenting its infinite possibilities. To live on two axes, means to depend on two spaces, one on earth with the immensity of the sea, the other infinite in the celestial vault where a possibility of elevation exists and is transcribed here in the absolutely beautiful ending of the last track of the EP. In Akasha or the Celeste electronic poem nothing is caged in male energy, but everything fits: the senses, nerves, blood in a perfect symbiosis. 

Mastered by: Mathias Thiaz-itch @Proot Records 
Art work by: Juliat (poeta grafica) 
Review by Cat Gabal 

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