Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nereida Prod @ NORBERGFESTIVAL 2014 (24th-26th July, Sweden)

French born, Spanish resident DJS Cat Gabal and Zeda have been active members of the European experimental and underground music scene since 1997. Members of Nereida Records & Productions Spanish collective/record label known to have a natural predilection for musicians and artists evolving in a multidisciplinary environment.
Both studied classical keyboard/piano before starting collecting & playing vinyl records about 17 years ago. Aside of a natural class, taste & elegance, they are some of the few DJs out there with a wider scene experience, eclectic, demanding, innovative and risk takers, with an interesting records collection allowing them to pretty much play anywhere, anytime – from Contemporary arts museum/gallery conference and festival to concerts venues and dancing clubs.
We can expect a little bit of everything from these girls – the sci-fi pop, animation films, experimental tunes sometimes coming straight out from occult societies,  but also some tonic fun, lightful electro disco house music. Delightful sessions where we swing in all fluidity from sophisticated beats to strange electronic pop sounds; and between a few short concentrated imaginative tracks, we’ll get the chance to review our classics and get back to a time where everything might have had more substance and depths.

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