Friday, April 3, 2015

Cat Gabal Dj session "Le Chat Botte" (Vinyl only)

Dj session - Vinyl only
Tracklist :-
Rude 66 (featuring Beta Evers) - Under Cover Of The Night (Enfant Terrible)
CCO Music for Cosmonauts - Pt.1 (Lux Rec)
Unit Black Flight - Shortwave Radio Antenna Down (Giallo Disco)
Dollkraut - Intro “Too Much For One Guy” (The Gym)
KZA - Want No Other (Endless Flight)
David Vunk - Vroesenpark (Moustache Records)
Unknown Edit Axel Boman - Bayaya (African Shakedown)
Khidja - Mustafa, Timothy J Fairplay remix (Especial Records)
Noema - Silence (The Magic Movement)
Rhythm Invention - Methomania (Warp Records)
Hesperius Draco aka Alessandro Parisi - Canon 8 (Frigio Records)
Motorheidi - Sulfat (Discontinu)
Victrola - Maritime Tatami (Dark Entries Records)

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