Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Body Snatchers Event

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The Body Snatchers event is named after the science fiction novel and its cinematographic representations. Becoming witness of the seeds replacing sleeping people with perfect physical duplicates, we assist here to what we could call an attempt to describe the process of dehumanization whilst incorporating some elements of resistance, imagining how we would organize ourselves and how this would be reflected into music or visual arts. By celebrating and putting the human body in a central and strategic place, we suggest that the human part remains essential in all our creations and co–exists with the advanced technology in a relationship of contiguity, rather than simple continuity.

It addresses the question of identity in general; another interrogation on the nature of the relationship between minds, or mental processes, and the bodily states. What is the place of the body or by extension, what is the place and artistic representation of the human being in our contemporary world? Like in a modern and extended illustration of the medical body snatching, It’s almost like every organ of our body had matured isolated in a closed environment and suddenly cramped in his hermetic sphere, they have all exploded and broke the shell that separate them from our reality. Then sometimes wandering, sometimes grappling our sordid daily routine, they jointly have initiated a walk towards a new form of liberty, in search of a new temporality in which they would be the absolute masters. A sort of return to our primitive purity when all make sense, where they all complete each other, define each other, substantiate, variegate and justify one another.

Looking for the sign of our perpetual experiences and the effect of the external world on our appearance, figure and body, we can observe the marked change in form and the exalting human being metamorphosis. We can hope to reach a certain level of objectivity by confronting multiple interpretations on different plan of analysis as well as by merging different disciplines: music &visual performance, painting, photography, illustration, sculpture exposition, plus clothes design exhibition.

+ Rai Escalé
+ Guim Tió Zarraluki
+ Oscar Sancho Nin
+ Riot Über Alles
+ Philippe Jusforgues
+ Cornelius Coffin
+ Lola Sandoval
+ Marc Jennings
+ Jonathan Edery / Leo Ramirez
+ Eva Fernanda
+ J.E Vizos

+ Rekord Your Fucking Name (Live)
+ Fur Voice Dj
+ Ambor Grieko (Delete.rec)
+ Colonel Midi (Grovsop.rec)
+ Dj Quesako (Berlin)
+ Cat Gabal ( /Delete.rec)
+ J7XI(Edukando)
+ Dj Zeda

+ VJs EyeScream (Ikuvisual)
+ VJ Ovideo y su opendesktop (Folcore)
+ VJ Electroiman (Folcore)
+ Raffage's Short Movie Theater

Tekla Tuffou / Clarotxos

Boutique Paloma,presenta un desfile de las coleciones de verano de Nele Feys y Quitocos
(Boutique Paloma c/Paloma n°8 08001 BCN)

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