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The compilation DELETILATION2 expresses diverse point of view, different style and technique. It is eclectic, yes; a little abstract, maybe. As Virginia Woolf rightly said “there is a coherence in things, a stability; something… is immune from change and shines out… in the face of the flowing, the fleeting, the spectral, like a ruby ” and rather than purely focusing on the end product, that something, that shines out, the fil d’Ariane that links all these different personalities together, the point of convergence of this patchwork resides at another level. The coherence lies in the process of creation itself. It is not just originality with abstracted affection, but a work of synergy where several elements have joined like in a molecular composition and contrive to its overall unique effect, their talent spread on a unique palette of colourful emotions.
Strong individualities emerge from the whole and take us on a journey through Europe. Following this idea of “flowing, fleeting and spectral”, from Moscow to Paris or other French cities, to Barcelona, passing by Berlin and Brussels, sliding from track to track, like in a film score, we are embedded in a road movie where the delicate poet Wim Wenders embraces the energy and intensity of a Gaspar Noe or Stanley Kubrick and often trapped in a nutty and offbeat world typical of Francois Ozon earlier work. All artists on this compilation have taken a different road to meet us, though the musicians tuned behind the big wall surrounding us have managed to create together a singular metropolitan opera.

It starts in a fanfare with ‘Who! Who! Who!’ from TEP who produced on Subjex net label Bedroom Research. We are enrolled in a sort of eccentric wild circus parade that will be echoed later in the compilation. He has initiated a joyful, euphoric experience with abundant use of electricity glitter, enchanting us with the rapidity and number of interposed images as luminous as the glass. Ambor Grieko follows with Breaking da Soul: the electro breaks fat bass and captivating melody enhance the great singer performance with a powerful and upfront voice sounding. An emotional experience lyrically and musically. There’s a lot of low-frequency energy there, which gives the vocal a real weight, but there are also in parallel a lot of extreme high frequencies which pulls the voice right to the front of the mix, emphasizing the closeness of the vocal, and its meaning. Then Oberst Panizza takes us even further in the electro direction with another very fine production. Delight of this catchy melodic kraftwerk-ish theme. With simplified lyrics sung through a vocoder, there is always a bit of self derision displayed by this member of the Velvet Condom band based in Berlin, which keeps the whole so fresh in our ears. Also a nice introduction for Colonel Midi’s track who is known for his atypical sense of humour as well as being a TB-303 electronic synthesizer-sequencer addict. He had a couple of tracks out on Angstrom records and delivers here a well-pitched production which focuses more on rhythm and texture. No lyrics. We perceive a structure made of pipes, cylinders and complex spirals with machined surface, the whole slightly polished to eliminate any superficial layers.

With White Drama, Baby Kruger explores the outer reaches of dark, abstract hip-hop. From rich based-up breaks and some drum and bass resonance emerges a talented rapper with crazy texts. A very innovative approach, a creative experimentation in the association and development of two different genres, she breaks through an iron wall and joins different backbones on the same surface. Like a little migratory bird covering a wide imaginary space, Baby Kruger performs an operation of alchemy where the music is also made of texts and they both answer each other in resonant echoes. All our senses in a new awakening to receive Thiaz Itch who gives us a vision a little more romantic of the circus introduced previously. Owner of Proot record, producer on Bedroom Research, Thiaz Itch is well remembered for his performance at the Nonologic edition 2009 in Barcelona. Like TEP, his track remains a little crazy, burlesque and festive; we seem to evolve in a pleasurable elated childish world. Thiaz-itch plays numerous instruments, such as the trumpet, mandolin as well as the guitar and is also able to sing in several languages.

A central and strategic place is given to the beautiful piece produced by Patrick Hospital, who had an album out on Delete Records a few years ago. The outline of a rhythmic just subtly sketched with some irregular glitch influenced sounds ala Fennesz leads us to a brand new world. Half way through the overall journey, we are left in a sort of haven, rocking on the delicate touch of the piano, sometimes almost perceived as detuned which generates this sweet confusion so exalting. Driving tirelessly, it ends on a note of the more rasping sound of the violin, the pinnacle of our emotion. Patrick Hospital nicely opens the door to the non rhythmic, non melodic electro acoustic piece of work produced by AKM who recently collaborated in another compilation with Presuse73 amongst others.

Granular synthesis, the density enables progress and we move between different forms, like an oscillation produced by shock. A clearing and threat of ruin, a confrontation with our inner selves, with repercussions probably; all these images generated carry us back from the depth of our rest. Raphael Sabatier comes next bringing us back to a reality but slowly, carefully, with a captivating loop that keeps us in a sort of sweet torpor whilst increasing our level of energy. The sounds of this ex member of the Sgure are often assimilated to Otto von Schirach’s and in this track, he spouts a rotary force to test and improve our resistance while maintaining our elasticity. Without any more transition, a wake up more elated, plain and straightforward, with the Russian representative Dimitry Ghost. Member of the Barcelona Bakalao band who also rocked the floor at the Nonologic festival previously, he presents here his Chip tune / 8bit project. A typical production with interesting distortion effects, a simple structured but effective track more intended to the dance scene.
For Rekord Your Fucking name, the reality escapes and only art allows a way out. Here formalised by “Travel”, a litany of boredom, a desire to stop the time by the conquest of space. We give a deep existence to what had none previously. The techno minimal needs relief; it needs horizon, a new outlook and possibly a new structure. The point of the Existentialism, and the point of Rekord Your Fucking Name. The duo does not only bring out some effective techno, they also express themselves in a more pop language, here almost reminding us of New Order. The show ends in a sort of linear apotheosis and our eyes wide open, prepared for all the energy and intensity of a powerful and well inspired Shape2, we are taken by force with a luscious heavy bass, breaking into a darkly delirant world. The whole appears quickly so magnetic that we finally consent, giving in and let it penetrate our soul. Shape2 track “Hard-fun” generates a deep crepuscular sensation, like a bright combustion with small emission of light and heat, and we can no longer resist in face of this diabolic and passionate attractive force.

All in all this is a perfect representation of the record label work. Non-driven by the music industry or assimilated to one single style, Delete records focuses on the artists evolving in a multidisciplinary environment and onto the process of creation itself. To limit ourselves to a specific style or technique would be a denial of our foundation, a neglection of the richness and subtleness of the life itself. Dazzled by the speed and number of images, with DELETILATION2 we are invited to embark an eventful kaleidoscope, in a rapid succession of impression, sensations and activities.

Tracklist & Credits :
01_Who! who! who! by TEP (Paris, France)
02_Breaking da soul by Ambor Grieko (Barcelona, Spain)
03_Ficken Automatisch by Oberst Panizza (Berlin, Germany)
04_Poulet Grillé by Colonel Midi (Barcelona, Spain)
05_SpankBank by Baby Kruger (Bruxelles, Belgique)
06_Splooshy, il chiocciolo by Thiaz Itch (Toulouse, France)
07_Ensemble2 corrigé by Patrick Hospital (Sauternes, France)
08_Ceret by AKM (Bruxelles, Belgique)
09_Beat your wife by Raphaël Sabatier (Bordeaux, France)
10_たまねぎ殺人犯 [onion-killers] by Dimitry Ghost (Barcelona, Spain)
11_29s by Rekord Your Fuckin’ Name (Barcelona, Spain)
12_Hard-Fun by Shape2 (Pau, France)

Review by Cat Gabal
dlt005_V/A - DELETILATION 2 - Produced by Delete Records - March 2011

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